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Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas. Our team has worked hard to make these ideas a reality. That reality is DocHauler®, a complete mobile solution made by a trucking company for trucking companies with the driver in mind. With its ability to scan, send, and index high quality documents or photos for electronic filing, DocHauler® will truly revolutionize the way you and your company think about and do trucking. DocHauler® is compatible with any database driven transportation management system as well as most document imaging systems for complete integration.

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Discover What Makes DocHauler Great

Meet DocHauler

Meet DocHauler®, a mobile solution designed by a trucking company, for trucking companies, with the driver in mind.

Welcome Screens

DocHauler's® personalized landing screen acts like an electronic bulletin board. Reminding drivers of important upcoming events, safety information, company news and anything else your drivers need to know about. ​

My Info

DocHauler® keeps drivers on the same page by sharing detailed load information, fuel costs for fuel purchase optimization, driver calendars and more.

My Docs

Important documents such as driver report cards, phone lists, trailer registrations, customer SOP's, insurance information, and anything else you can think of can be loaded right into DocHauler’s® customizable interface.

The Video Feature

Check out how video can be distributed to your feet effortlessly from right within the app. Perfect for informational and educational videos such as training videos or company updates but the possibilities with this feature are endless!

Scan Docs

DocHauler® has the ability to scan, send and index high-quality documents or photos right from a phone. It’s auto indexing feature labels documents for easy electronic filing. 

Our Features

Making Your Life Easier Anytime & Anywhere

DocHauler® is just what you’ve been looking for — a new, industry-leading App that gives users the chance to simplify their lives with one simple click. Our easy-to-use platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you and your company perform to your fullest potential. With real-time scans, photos, and information that you can access from anywhere, this App is something you need to implement in your business, today.

Check out what it can do for you.

Welcome Screen


DocHauler's® welcome screen can be fully customized with your company's title, logo, background designs or splash screens. You can also add completely customized buttons and font colors to reflect who your business is and the various services you provide.

Info Bulletin Board


The welcome screen has a bulletin board where you can post your latest company information or safety messages. These messages can be user specific (examples: well wishes for anniversaries, birthdays, as well as reminder alerts for expiring licenses or other documents).



Share informational and training videos instantly with your entire fleet to keep them up-to-date on the newest piece of equipment, strategies, or updates right from your home office.

Custom Processes


Set up multiple custom processes to collect high quality PDF document scans or JPEG photos with file names that can contain user IDs, department names, identifying trip or loads numbers, custom document types, and a time date stamp for zero indexing work on the back end.

Unlimited Docs


With DocHauler®, you're able to have as many operational documents as your company needs without having to sacrifice organization. These documents can be user specific, such as driver settlements and scorecards or public like trailer registrations and customer SOP's.

Instant Sharing


Share data such as complete load information, the best fuel price rates to optimize purchases, driver event calendars and much more in real time at the touch of a button with all of your drivers while they're at home or out on the road.

GPS Mapping


Using DocHauler's® impressive mapping feature, you'll successfully assist your drivers by being able to locate trailers in average to large sized drop yards via your GPS data.

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